This is a terminal located in the game Marathon. It is the very first terminal of the game series.


Game: Marathon

Level: Arrival

Immediately after arriving on the Marathon, you should see the terminal in front of you at the end of the corridor, a few paces away. Some Pfhor fighters are waiting to ambush you here. Take them out before accessing the terminal.

Terminal Text

U.E.S.C. Marathon
Airlock 34-a Terminal Access <Port>
<Message to All Marathon Terminals>
Marathon Emergency Systems Broadcast
Today at 0820 hours, the Marathon came under surprise attack
from unknown hostile forces. The Marathon has sustained
serious damage.
At 0830 hours, alien forces boarded the Marathon. The current
situation is dire. All personnel are required to arm
themselves and fight for their lives.
<Posted 2794.>
Welcome to the Marathon. I am Leela, one of the two surviving
Artificial Intelligences aboard the Marathon. I have been
severely damaged, and am working to understand the current
Find the teleport terminal located in the Hangar's control
room. By that time, I should have a better idea of what is
going on.
This is where you are now.
From here you can explore the
rest of the Hangar area,
although not all of the doors
on the level are functioning.
There is a pattern buffer at
this location.
There is a jump pad at this
location. Activate the
terminal to leave the Hangar
U.E.S.C. Marathon
Airlock 34-a Terminal Access <Port>


This terminal sets the standard for most of the messages from Leela in Marathon, just the bare facts. It is here that the player finds out that the Marathon has been invaded but not by whom. The objective is simply to find the exit terminal; nearly every level has this as one of the player's goals.