All Roads Lead To Sol... is the twenty-eighth and final level in Marathon 2: Durandal. It is the third and final level of S'pht'Kr, the ninth and final chapter of the game.

This map is an old, lava-filled mining complex. You were sent here to pursue and destroy the remaining survivors of the 723rd Aggressor Squadron of the Pfhor, whose ship was shot down by Durandal.

The objective in this level is to get to the exit terminal alive. You'll encounter a new type of very powerful enemy unique to this level: the Juggernauts. These giant, heavily armored flying units fire streams of energy shots and homing missiles. There are also many Fighters and Hunters here.

At the start of the level, you will find a pattern buffer and a 2x shield recharger. In the area to the southwest, a 3x shield recharger is found at the end of a ledge. Further on, near the center of the map, another pattern buffer can be found. A 2x shield recharger is available in the same area, across the lava in a corridor on the area's southern side.

The easternmost area of the level contains a 3x shield recharger at the entrance, and a 2x shield recharger at the southern end, just before the final room. A 3x shield recharger can be found at the end of a narrow tunnel that leads to the secret Bungie credit terminal, with another 3x recharger available inside the credit terminal room.


At the start of the level, pick up as much rocket ammo as possible and use the pattern buffer and 2x shield recharger north of you. Most piles of ammo in this level will respawn over time, giving you a virtually infinite supply, so return back here if you need more ammo.

Go southwest, through a room with tons of Fusion Pistol ammo, to an open area with Hunters and Fighters. Kill them, and proceed along the ledge to trigger the appearance of a Juggernaut. It is armed with Alien Weapons and homing missiles. You'll have to run around a lot to dodge its shots, or hide in the entrance corridor to avoid getting hit, firing rockets or fusion pistol shots between each enemy salvo. Juggernauts have a lot of health, but if you keep firing you will eventually cripple it. A loud beeping alarm will sound and it will slowly float down to the bottom of the lava pool, where it will explode.

Use the 3x shield recharger at the west end of this area, then go south into the next large lava-filled area. A switch on the wall raises the walkway, allowing you to proceed further onward, but there's another Juggernaut you have to deal with first. Remember, you can always go back to the beginning of the level to pick up more ammo.

Kill the Juggernaut, then follow the path, fighting more Hunters along the way, until you get to the next open-air area. Here you'll find another Juggernaut to kill, and a pattern buffer to the northeast. Go south from the pattern buffer, deal with another group of Pfhor, and kill the Juggernaut to the east. Now swim through the lava to the south ledge, where you will find a corridor with a bunch of shotguns and ammo, a 2x shield recharger, and a button that opens the door in the northeast corner of the area.

Beyond the northeast door you'll find a small room with four metal wall panels. Each panel can be interacted with to reveal a breakable circuit panel. Destroy the panel directly across from the entrance as well as the panel on the northern wall. These two panels open the northwest door, which leads back to the start of the level. Now you have a choice to make: you can either visit the secret Bungie credit terminal or you can take the main path to the end of the level.

If you want to visit the Bungie credit terminal, you'll have to break the westernmost panel next to the exit door. See the credit terminal article for further directions.

If you want to get to the end of the game, don't break the westernmost panel because it disables the shield rechargers and pattern buffers earlier in the level. Instead, break the panel on the east wall. It will cause the lava level to rise, which will start to burn you, so quickly run through the northwest exit back to the start of the level. You'll find that the lava on the east side of this room has now been lowered, allowing you to get to the final part of the level.

Stock up on ammo at the starting location, and use the shield recharger and pattern buffer, before heading southeast. Kill another group of Pfhor there; beyond them you'll end up in the easternmost open area. There is a 3x shield recharger next to the entrance, and there are two Juggernauts you have to destroy.

After you've dealt with the Juggernauts, recharge your shields and use the pattern buffer at the start of the level again. Return to the double Juggernaut area and swim through the lava to the ledge at the south end. When you run into the lava, you can use some Assault Rifle fire to boost yourself a bit. If you're fast enough, you can make it to the south ledge with a little over 2x shields left, and every bit of shield energy will help in the upcoming fight. If your shields are below 2x after the swim, use the 2x shield recharger on the south ledge. Now move on into a dead-end room with a rectangular indentation in the floor. It's a teleport pad. Equip your Rocket Launcher and step on the pad to be teleported to the final room. This is where it gets really hard. Be warned: you're probably going to die a lot trying to tackle this last room.

You're teleported into a pool of lava, so quickly swim up and get out of the pool. The final room is filled with a ton of enemies, including Fighters, Hunters, a Mother of all Hunters, and a Juggernaut. Run around the edges of the room and the enemies will quickly start fighting each other. You'll have to keep moving since there's still probably a few enemies firing at you. Since your Rocket Launcher is carried on your left shoulder, it's best to run clockwise so you can keep an eye on the center of the room.

Keep running along the edges of the room, avoiding enemy weapons fire. Eventually, only the Mother of all Hunters and the Juggernaut should be left. Use your Rocket Launcher to destroy them, switching to your Fusion Pistol when you're out of rockets. Keep as much distance between yourself and the Juggernaut as possible, because when it dies, the blast will seriously damage you. If you took too much damage in this room, or if you're too close to the Juggernaut, you could easily get killed when it explodes.

After everyone in the room is dead, hit either button in the room to seal off the pool of lava in front of the final terminal. You can now read the terminal to finish the level. Congratulations, you have finished Marathon 2: Durandal!


In a small room just south of the second pattern buffer, there's a locked door in the northeast corner. It can be opened to reveal the way to a secret room with the Bungie credit terminal. See that terminal's article for detailed directions on how to get there. Note that if you choose to visit that terminal, the exit teleporter out of the secret room sends you to a lava-filled room where you will die, so you can't access the credit terminal and still finish the level afterwards.

Terminals TychoiscoolbeansTRANSWHAT.png


This is the final terminal in the game. Durandal tells you that Earth is safe for now, as the Pfhor invasion of Sol has been recalled. However, the Pfhor are readying a terrifying, last-resort weapon they save for slave revolts: the trih xeem, or "early nova". The evacuation of Lh'owon has already begun, because in a few hours, the trih xeem will cause Lh'owon's star to go nova, destroying the whole system.

Durandal then tells you he has rechristened the Khfiva the Rozinante. He sets out to find another ruined world, orbiting a rogue star far from the galactic core. He says, "You can stay behind to work on your tan, if you'd like, but I'm leaving". As the terminal closes, you are teleported away.


This secret and hard to reach Easter egg terminal breaks the fourth wall. It contains a story excerpt about a psychotic man called Robert, as well as some personal messages from the game's main developers at Bungie.


  • There is a secret switch under the lava in the south lava lake. Hitting it opens a door on the path towards the Bungie credit terminal. However, that same door can be opened by destroying the northernmost panel in the circuit panel room, making this switch rather redundant.
  • When this map is opened in a map editor, a written message can be found outside the bounds of the level. It reads, "723rd KICKS WUSSY NAR BUTT!". "723rd" refers to the Pfhor's 723rd Aggressor Squadron that you fight in this level.


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