Arena is one of the ten network levels in Marathon. This is a relatively small simple level made for immediate action.


Arena consists of one central area and four smaller attached rooms in which players spawn. Each attached room is separated from the central arena with a hallway and door.

Secret Areas

Arena has one secret area in the southwest which lead to a long set of corridors, a spiral staircase, and an alcove that overlooks the main area. This alcove is well hidden from the floor of the arena.

Suggested Tactics

Arena is relatively straight-forward map where players should grab the best weapon they can find and head straight for the central area. The central area also has the best weapons including the MA-75 Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher and the SPNKR SSM Launcher, along with ample ammunition.

Also try using the secret ledge and shooting down upon everyone else with the SPNKR SSM Launcher, in order to cause complete chaos.


Marathon - Network Level: Arena

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