Blake is the seventh chapter in Marathon 2: Durandal and consists of four levels.


"Blake" chapter screen

The player is contacted by Robert Blake and is told he needs to activate an ancient S'pht AI here in order to contact the lost S'pht'Kr clan. The player must then activate two AI personality cells in the first level of this chapter.

After activated the first two personality cells, Blake says "The rest of the AI will have to wait, though: our base has been infiltrated by Pfhor androids. The machines are disguised as humans and packed with explosives."[1] The player is then tasked with killing all assimilated humans or Simulacrums before he can resume activating the S'pht AI.

With the immediate threat of assimilated humans taken care of, the player is sent to activate the last four personality cells across the final two levels of this chapter.

In Blake's final communication with player in Kill Your Television he mentions the Pfhor have traced his communication lines and his base is now under attack. Once the player has activated the final two personality cells, Thoth will teleport the player back to Blake's base.


This Side Toward Enemy

  • The player is told by Robert Blake to activate the Personality Cells of an ancient S'pht AI. There are two switches that must be activated by the player before Blake will teleport the player out from the final terminal.

God Will Sort The Dead...

  • Robert Blake transports the player back to the S'pht and human base where he explains the player needs to detonate every assimilated human he can find. Once the player has killed every assimilated human, he should return to the first terminal to exit this level.

My Own Private Thermopylae

  • This player is returned to another area of Lh'owon that contains more personality cells. The player must look for and activate two personality cells before returning to the terminal near the beginning to exit.

Kill Your Television

  • Robert Blake sends the player here to activate the last two personality cells of the S'pht AI Thoth. After activating them, Thoth will teleport the player out from the underwater terminal.


These levels represent a point in the story line where a human, Robert Blake, is directing the player instead of Durandal.


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