Blaspheme Quarantine is the tenth level in Marathon. It is the seventh level of Counterattack, the second chapter of the game.


You have just been teleported here from G4 Sunbathing. The first terminal is a message from Durandal who explains he's kidnapped you. He first asks you who you're really saving humanity from, in-turn making you question Leela's previous instructions. Then tells you that he has a game for you, if you win, you get to be his friend, but if you lose, you die, and he doesn't give any hints. At the end of the message Durandal calls himself insane, despite denying rampancy in a previous terminal.

If you go to the same terminal again, you win his game and he tells you it wasn't very hard. He then tells you that Leela is looking for you, but the S'pht are giving her a hard time and that you can only find her at one terminal on the level.

The second terminal is another message from Durandal, but he makes very little sense in what he says. One can understand that he further admits rampancy by his closing signature: "notably unstable", and by his postscript where he says that he is laughing. If you go to the same terminal again, Durandal tells you not to look in Quarantine Storage for a massive amount of ammo left 300 years ago. Finally, he tells you about a song he's written about himself and orders you to go away before he teleports you out into space.

The third terminal is a message to Durandal about Bernard Strauss, possibly from Tycho. He tells Durandal that he cannot hide from his past, although it is not known what is meant by that.

The fourth and final terminal is a corrupted message from Leela. She tells you that she has been looking for you and the S'pht's attacks have weakened her. The rest of the message is nearly indecipherable, but you can tell that she is talking about the security detachment again.

From this last terminal you are teleported to Bob-B-Q.

List of Terminals

  • Science Terminal 236-g<33.6792.23.91>
  • Quarantine Lab Control Room Terminal 321-a(293.610.31.995>
  • Science Station 43-c<>
  • Public Access Terminal<9.42.857.10>


Marathon - Level 9: Blaspheme Quarantine

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