Captured is the sixth chapter in Marathon 2: Durandal and consists of one level.


"Captured" chapter screen

This is the shortest chapter in the game with only one level and contains no terminals.

After destroying Durandal's core logic centers in the previous level Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry!, the player finds himself captured by Tycho and the Pfhor.

The player begins The Big House with no weapons or ammo and at 25% health. Even the player's fists aren't ready but they can be seen by pressing the switch weapons key. After several moments BOBs begin teleporting in and proceed to fight the Pfhor stationed at the player's cell. The fighting continues until all the Pfhor have been killed, which causes the player to be teleported out.


The Big House

  • This level features no terminals and the player begins the level with 25% health, no weapons or ammo, and locked in a small cell with a window. After several moments BOBs begin teleporting in and fighting the Pfhor guarding the player's cell.
  • Once all the Pfhor have been killed, the player is teleported out.


  • The introductory chapter screen incorrectly states that this is chapter V, while it is actually chapter VI.

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