Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap is the fourteenth level in Marathon. It is the second level of Durandal, the fourth chapter of the game.


You have just been teleported here from Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! The first terminal is a message from Durandal. He tells you a story of a man who used to light three candles once a year and watch them burn out, and who would be free to think during that time. Durandal compares his rampancy to that and says that he has no physical or social restraints.

The second terminal is an excerpt from a series of used car advertisements, an ad for a colony ship for sale, cheap. The UESC Marathon fits the ad's description well. Like all advertisements, it exaggerates the more desirable traits and simply glosses over the fact that the ship has been overrun by Pfhor.

The third terminal is another message from Durandal. He tells you what Charles Darwin says about the struggle for existence. He compares that also to himself and says again that he has no boundaries, except the closure of the universe. He believes that escaping from his boundaries will make him God.

From the third terminal you are teleported to Habe Quiddam.

List of Terminals

  • Public Access Terminal 2992-f<3.35.792.20>
  • JAMS Terminal 91-z<>
  • Public Access Terminal<>


Marathon - Level 13: Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap

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