Couch Fishing is the fifth level in Marathon. It is the second level of Counterattack, the second chapter of the game.


You have just been teleported here from Defend THIS!. In the first terminal, Leela tells you that Durandal has gone rampant. and your objective here is to activate several switches so Durandal can't access specific computer systems of the UESC Marathon. Finally, she gives you maps to the switches' locations.

The second terminal tells you that security has been breached at this location and describes the CRIST Sol orbiters. Finally the terminal closes the connection with a Spurious Interrupt.

The third terminal is another message from Leela, saying that Durandal has been denied access to certain computer systems. Then Leela explains she's received a distress signal from some of the crew who are under attack from the Pfhor by Durandal, possibly in retaliation. She sends you to help the crew deal with the attack but you will need to stop Durandal sooner or later.

From the last terminal you are teleported to The Rose.

List of Terminals

  • Public Access Terminal 903-e<334.920.22.602>
  • Public Access Terminal 24-f<434.87.18.198>
  • Service Area 39 Public Access Terminal<7-j->


Marathon - Level 4: Couch Fishing

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