Counterattack is the second chapter in Marathon. It consists of seven levels.


"Counterattack" chapter screen

In this chapter, the player activates the UESC Marathon's defenses, defends the ship from Durandal, rescues BOBs, saves the Engineering Section from the Pfhor, transmits a warning to Earth, and is kidnapped by Durandal.


Defend THIS!

Couch Fishing

  • Leela informs the player that Durandal has become rampant and needs to be cut off from the vital sections of the Marathon. There are three switches the players has to toggle in prevent Durandal from gaining access.

The Rose

  • In response to the player denying Durandal access, he has allowed the Pfhor to gain entry to previously sealed off sections of the Marthon. The player is instructed by Leela to keep as many humans alive as possible and to exterminate all aliens he finds.

Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken!

  • Leela has detected additional Pfhor ships landing on the Marthon heading to the Engineering Section. To slow their advance, Leela wants to depressurize large sections near the crew areas. The player is required to seals the airlocks on the edges of the crew areas to prevent them from depressurizing as well.

Cool Fusion

  • Leela wants to send a message to Earth appraising them of the Marathon's situation but the long range transmitter has been disabled. Additionally, the secondary transmitter needs to be reset but is located in a Landing Station completely in vacuum. The player's mission is to find the Zeus Class Fusion Pistol to be better prepared to fight in vacuum.

G4 Sunbathing

  • The player is transported to the G4 Landing Station to reset the secondary transmitter via four reset switches. This level is entirely in vacuum and the player needs to be conscious of their oxygen meter which can be recharged at oxygen recharge panels located throughout the level.

Blaspheme Quarantine

  • Leela intended for the player to go the Engineering Section of the Marathon in order to rescue the security detachment and clear the aliens there, but Durandal has kidnapped the player in order to "play a game." The player has to reach the end terminal to leave, there are no other objectives.

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