Defend THIS! is the fourth level in Marathon. It is the first level of Counterattack, the second chapter of the game.


You have just been teleported here from Never Burn Money. The first terminal is a message from Leela telling you that the science staff had finished postmortem examinations on three aliens. She then changes the subject to tell you that Durandal has been in contact with the aliens, but will not share details with her. Finally, she explains you need to put the replacement circuits into the UESC Marathon's Defense Control terminals.

The second terminal tells you that there has been a security breach in your location and goes on to quote an article about rampancy in AIs before telling you again about the breach and disconnecting.

The third terminal is a corrupted message from Tycho saying that Durandal has been rampant for years and that Tycho is being assimilated. There is obviously more to the message, but due to the corruption it cannot be deciphered.

The fourth terminal is Leela's summary of the examined aliens: the Fighter, Trooper, Hulk, and the S'pht.

The fifth and final terminal is also a message from Leela, she says that the Marathon Automated Defense Drones have activated and that the Pfhor will encounter stiff resistance. She then tells you that seven Pfhor dropships landed on the colony and that she has lost communications.

From the last terminal you are teleported to Couch Fishing.

List of Terminals

  • Defense Access 40-a <tpr-A21H.43.21.123>
  • Public Access Terminal 42-s<34.492.95.79>
  • Defense Sector 39-f<35.952.193.5>
  • Defense Security Access 23-e<390.94.29.11>
  • Defense Control Terminal 185-f<90.863.68.123>


Marathon - Level 3: Defend THIS!

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