Durandal is the fourth chapter in Marathon. It consists of four levels.


"Durandal" chapter screen

This chapter is light on story but the player now primarily receives terminal messages from Durandal instead of Leela, who explains all her system functions will fail in the first terminal of Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!.


The player can find the TOZT-7 Backpack Napalm Unit in Habe Quiddam and the SPNKR SSM Launcher in Neither High nor Low.


Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

  • Leela informs the player all her system functions will fail in a few minutes. Then says she's seen the aliens "moving a large cylindrical object" and the player to stop them from exploding it. The only objective in this level is to reach the final terminal.

Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap

  • This level contains terminals from Durandal about several different subjects, specifically his desire to escape the closure of the universe. Similar to the last level the player's only objective is to reach the final terminal.

Habe Quiddam

  • The player is instructed by Durandal to retrieve "a device" that will enable him to kill more aliens. Durandal also mentions he's learned how to teleport the player further distances, presumably after the player has retrieved the device.
  • After collecting the device the player needs to reach the final terminal to leave.

Neither High nor Low

  • Durandal gives no objectives on this level and the player's only goal is reach the final terminal. The final terminal does explain the player's mission for the next level: exploration.

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