Envy is the fourth and final chapter in Marathon Infinity. It consists of eight levels.


"Envy" chapter screen

This chapter is about a timeline in which the W'rkncacnter are successfully stopped. Tycho has eliminated captain R'chzne and destroyed Durandal. The Pfhor were not happy about this, and High Admiral Tfear deployed a specially trained Compiler unit to capture Tycho. The player was caught as well.

Two weeks after Durandal's death, Tycho manages to free the player from captivity by opening their prison cell door. The player is low on health and unarmed at first, but they manage to make it to a computer terminal. Tycho asks the player to disable the power substations of the prison complex to free him from his containment unit. He also says that he suspects the player's mind contains Durandal's primal pattern, and that the player has been tortured in an as yet unsuccessful attempt by the Pfhor to retrieve it.

After cutting the power to the Pfhor complex, the player is contacted by admiral Tfear himself. He begrudgingly congratulates the player, but calls them an annoyance and resolves to eliminate them. Tfear sends the player off to fight alongside his Pfhor troops, promising them a lifetime of slavery—if they don't get killed first.

The player, along with the Pfhor, assaults the base of the human survivors on Lh'owon. The humans retreat through subterranean magma tunnels, and Tfear sends the player to disable the containment fields that hold the lava back. The player does so, cutting off the humans' escape route, after which the humans are captured by the Pfhor and prepared for slavery.

While Tfear had intended to teleport the player to a place of confinement afterwards, the player is instead teleported to a heavily guarded facility where a Pfhor science team found an alien artifact below ground. The player manages to activate a teleporter which sends them down to a cave system with old machinery. These machines form part of the hardware of the ancient S'pht AI Thoth. The player reactivates Thoth, and thanks to the primal pattern carried by the player, what's left of Durandal merges with Thoth to form a hybrid AI.

The player is teleported back to the surface, where Tycho proclaims that he's upset with the player because they've done bad things. He says neither the player nor the Durandal-Thoth hybrid will escape their coming destruction, before sending them to a "party" with Tfear's personal guards.

The "party" turns out to be a gladiatorial battle against elite Pfhor units. Against all odds, the player manages to win the fight. They are contacted by the Durandal-Thoth hybrid, who reveal that K'lia and the S'pht'Kr have arrived, and that the Pfhor will soon be pressed to use the trih xeem.

The player is sent along with the S'pht'Kr to an ancient station that Yrro used long ago to trap the W'rkncacnter. This station was built by the progenitors of the S'pht to terraform Lh'owon, being capable of generating powerful gravitational fields. The Pfhor deploy the trih xeem, but the player manages to activate the station just in time. Lh'owon's sun goes nova, but it is contained in the station's gravity fields, keeping the W'rkncacnter trapped.

The S'pht'Kr defeat the Pfhor fleet, forcing admiral Tfear to flee the system. The S'pht prepare to depart with K'lia, leaving their old home system behind forever. The Durandal-Thoth hybrid releases the player from their hold.

The final screen contains a monologue by Durandal, who has managed to survived until the ultimate collapse of the universe. In the final moment, he realizes who the player was. As he says, "You are Destiny".


By Committee

  • This level is set in a Pfhor prison complex. The player manages to escape their prison cell after Tycho opens the door. Tycho asks the player to destroy the power substation to free him.

One thousand thousand slimy things

  • High Admiral Tfear takes control and forces the player to fight against the human survivors. Along with the Pfhor troops, the player attacks the human base.

A Converted Church in Venice, Italy

  • The humans attempt to escape through a system of underground magma tunnels. Tfear sends the player to disable the lava containment fields, cutting off their escape. After the player manages to do so, over a thousand humans are captured by the Pfhor and processed for slavery.

Son of Grendel

  • The player ends up at a facility where an alien teleporter was unearthed by a Pfhor science team. In this level, the player must activate the teleporter.

Strange Aeons

  • The teleporter sends the player deep below ground, to a cave with ancient machinery. The player turns on these machines, activating Thoth, an ancient S'pht AI. Thoth merges with Durandal's primal pattern, which was carried in the player's mind, to form a hybrid AI.

Bagged Again

  • Tycho manages to capture the player again. He states that neither the player nor the hybrid AI will escape, before sending the player off to die.

You Think You’re Big Time? You’re Gonna Die Big Time!

  • In a gladiatorial arena, the player faces off against admiral Tfear's elite guard.

Aye Mak Sicur

  • The Durandal-Thoth hybrid has managed to recall the S'pht'Kr. The player fights alongside them, trying to activate an ancient space station. This station is the only way to contain the nova unleashed by the trih xeem that threatens to release the W'rkncacnter.

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