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A F'lickta

The F'lickta (sometimes colloquially referred to as "Yetis") are native creatures of Lh'owon, living in sewers, water pools, and lava. They often harass Pfhor forces, and are extremely irritable. F'lickta attack using a favored claw,[1] but are fully capable of biting with their teeth. Entering their home turf unarmed is not recommended.



F'lickta bio-scan

Despite the two species' wildly different appearances, the F'lickta share common ancestry with the S'pht. They have a simplified digestive system, absorbing nutrients from the sludge they live in.[2] The coloration and properties of the known F'lickta sub-species vary depending on their surroundings. The more common Green F'lickta, who strike powerfully and throw damaging sludge, live in the sewers of Lh'owon. The hardy Blue F'lickta have powerful melee attacks, but no projectile attacks; they thrive in watery environments, but are still dangerous on land. Found near volcanic regions deep underground, Red F'lickta are not particularly strong, but can hurl deadly lava great distances.

At the Pfhor Perimeter Garrison 7AF on Lh'owon, Science Officer 2nd Class St'ngr observed that F'lickta allow their eggs to develop in their large mouth-like orifices, which actually contain a womb instead of a digestive tract.[1] St'ngr found young F'lickta impossible to locate for study because the parents would kill their offspring rather than have them face captivity. [1]


"We are leaving behind many F'lickta to keep the ducts clean and working. They should be able to build one of their stable societies here- there is plenty of food. We would ask that if another clan comes here that they would respect these creatures and leave them to continue their work and preserve our home on Lh'owon."
Marathon 2, Charon Doesn't Make Change, Terminal 8 (S'pht)


  • Their name is misspelled "F'lckta" on at least one occasion.
  • A hidden area on Charon Doesn't Make Change showcases a never-ending battle between miniature-sized lava F'lickta and Pfhor; it is never made clear whether this is some kind of recorded event, or some form of 3-D dramatization.


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