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The Fighter is most common enemy players will encounter in any of the Marathon games. Pfhor Fighters are basic enemies that come in a variety of colors denoting difficulty level.



The Pfhor Fighters sprite from Marathon 2: Durandal

As the lowest ranked Pfhor infantry, Fighters are only equipped with an shock staff. Pfhor fighters have four different sub-ranks:

  • The weakest of the fighters is the minor fighter, it wears green armor and can only use its shock staff as a melee weapon.
  • Next in rank is the minor projectile fighter. These ones wear orange armor, are tougher to beat, and can shoot ranged projectiles from their staff.
  • Tougher still is the major fighter, it is stronger than the previous two but can only use its staff as a melee weapon, these ones sport purple armor.
  • The next hardest is the major projectile fighter. Sporting blue armor, and being able to shoot ranged projectiles out of its staff make this fighter the toughest in the games.

Additionally, in Marathon Infinity there is a super fighter that is nearly twice the size of all the others and wears black armor The super fighters from Marathon Infinity are fearsome adversaries.

Anatomy and Physiology


Different Pfhor sprites from Marathon Infinity

The Pfhor fighters have gray skin and three large, glowing red eyes. They are vaguely humanoid, although their feet only have two toes and their hands only have three fingers. In Marathon Leela described them as skinnier and taller than humans, most likely because of their low-gravity environment, making them a good infantry unit.

They wear somewhat bulky armor in different colors and carry a large shock staff. They wear some type of gas mask or respirator with tubes connecting to some kind of tank strapped to their backs. They also have a tail coming out of the back of their head. In Marathon the Pfhor fighter had its third eye on the bottom, like an upside down triangle. When Durandal was in production Bungie decided to put the third eye on top, because Alex Seropian said the third eye on bottom looked like a clown nose.

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