G4 Sunbathing is the ninth level in Marathon. It is the sixth level of Counterattack, the second chapter of the game.


You have just been teleported here from Cool Fusion. The first terminal is a message from Leela, telling you that she has just performed an inspection of the UESC Marathon's sensors. She tells you that she did not detect a ship entering the Tau Ceti system, and therefore that the Pfhor ship must have a faster-than-light drive.

She then gives you a map to the dish array and last terminal, and explains you have to reset all four switches to activate the secondary transmitter so she can send a warning to Earth. The second and last terminal is a message from Leela, who tells you that the message has been sent and it will arrive in 92 years.

From the last terminal you are teleported to Blaspheme Quarantine

List of Terminals

  • Shell Terminal Access 5-b<299.12.923.59>
  • Public Access Terminal<>


Marathon - Level 8: G4 Sunbathing