Garrison is the third chapter in Marathon 2: Durandal and consists of three levels.


"Garrison" chapter screen

This chapter starts with Durandal giving the player a virus to upload to the Pfhor computer systems, enabling him to subvert the Defense Drones in the area.

With the ensuing panic caused him the newly recruited Defense Drones, the player continues to press the attack on the Pfhor Garrison.

Finally, Durandal returns to his original goal: searching for information about the S'pht'Kr. The player is sent to a different area of the Pfhor Garrison and ordered to search for information. After accessing the Pfhor computer systems, Durandal concludes the Pfhor have no knowledge of the S'pht'Kr.


Ex Cathedra

  • Durandal has discovered an exposed communication line within a Pfhor temple. He plans to exploit this vulnerability by having the player upload a virus to subvert the Pfhor's Defense Drones.

Nuke And Pave

  • At the end Ex Cathedra Durandal says the berserk Drones are causing a great deal of panic and they must continue to press the attack. There are no specific objectives other than to kill any Pfhor encountered and reach the last terminal.

Curiouser and Curiouser...

  • The player is sent to a different area of the Pfhor garrison and told to destroy two failsafe switches, which will grant the player access to a terminal connected to the Pfhor computer systems. After the player accesses the terminal, Durandal is able to conclude the Pfhor have no knowledge of the S'pht'Kr.

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