Habe Quiddam is the fifteenth level in Marathon. It is the third level of Durandal, the fourth chapter of the game. The objective of this level is to retrieve an Alien Energy Converter. The exact purpose of the converter is not explicitly stated, but it supposedly assists the player in some way in later levels on board the Pfhor space ship.

The level is a complex arrangement of interconnected rooms and twisting corridors. The path the player takes through the level frequently doubles back on itself, meaning most rooms are visited multiple times in different ways.

On this level, Simulacrums will be encountered for the first time. They look like regular BOBs, but they are actually bio-engineered Pfhor creations that will run towards you and explode! To make them more difficult to distinguish, normal, non-exploding BOBs can also be found on this map. Additionally, Pfhor Fighters, Wasps and Lookers are also present.

There are two pattern buffers in the level. One is found in a room just to the southeast of the player's starting position; a 2x shield recharger can be found in that area as well. The other pattern buffer is found in a central room to the east of the starting room. Another 2x shield recharger can be found at the end of a ledge in a lava-filled room in the southeast corner of the level.


From the starting position, move eastwards to the next room, then take the south corridor. You'll find a split in the path: the first corridor on your left leads to a pattern buffer, and you'll find a 2x shield recharger if you take the second corridor. Be on the lookout for exploding BOBs; they wear green uniforms and bleed yellow blood when shot. They also have a different voice line ("Thank god it's you!"), and most importantly, they run straight towards you to blow you up.

Clear the way to the pattern buffer, then go to the shield recharger. The corridor to the south will take you to a window looking out onto a pool of lava; the alien device you were sent to retrieve sits in the middle of the lava. Shoot the switch across from you to drop down a wall, making access to the lava pool a bit easier later on.

Go back to the hub room north of the pattern buffer and take the northeast corridor. Move through a little maze until you reach another large room (room C on the map). Move all the way north and hit the switch.

Now go back to the hub room and drop down into the lava channel that just opened up. Run through the lava; you'll quickly reach another large room with a pattern buffer.

Go through the north corridor. Use the switch to raise a bridge across a pool of lava. Quickly cross the bridge, then move south. You'll soon reach a lava-filled room with two ledges; you're on the north ledge and there's a 2x shield charger there as well.

After killing the enemies here, jump towards the eastern pillar, landing on a narrow ledge just above the lava. Walk around the pillar to find an opening to an elevator on its south side.

Ride the elevator up, and follow the path through the tunnels until you reach a ledge overlooking the pattern buffer room. There is a switch next to you; hit it to lower a pillar in the southwest corner of the room (at point B on the map). Once the pillar is lowered, you can jump into the newly revealed pool of lava to retrieve the alien device, then ride the pillar back up to get out of the lava. There's some ammo you can find in the lava as well, but if you just want to take the minimum amount of damage here, wait about seven seconds after lowering the pillar before getting the alien device and quickly returning back to the pillar.

After retrieving the alien device, use the pattern buffer and retrace your steps to get back onto the ledge with the button that lowers the pillar. Now instead of jumping down, keep moving north, jump across a room there, and follow the tunnels until you reach a large room with three pillars you can jump across.

Jump across the to middle pillar, then jump to the north opening. Follow the path until you reach the first hub room of the level, and jump across to the opening on your left. Find the switch in the tunnels here, then exit through the door and go back north to the room with three pillars. The west door is now open, so go through it. Keep following the path until you reach the top of the starting room. Jump across to the exit terminal.

In the very northwest corner of the level (room E on the map), a small lava-filled tunnel contains a hidden flamethrower. You'll have to grenade jump back out of the lava if you want to retrieve it.

In the upper corridor just north of the three pillar room, one of the wall panels conceals a hidden ammo stash (point D on the map). You'll find both flamethrower fuel and rockets here.


Engineering Access 19-f<39.992.19.2>

The first terminal is a message from Durandal and is an attempt to make you question your existence. He tells you that maybe you are running a fool's errand, or perhaps you are doing everything as it is meant to be done. He tells you that it is your nature always to fight and asks you if you feel free, in another reference to his rampancy.

Durandal then explains that you need to go and collect "a device" the S'pht have given you so you can kill more Pfhor. Durandal assumes killing Pfhor makes you happy, as he believes your only wish is to fight.

Public Access Terminal 9-f<>

The second terminal is another message from Durandal. He tells you that he has learned from the S'pht how to teleport you farther but he says that you are not more free than you were before, as freedom has two parts: potential and resolution. He tells you that freedom is being the bricoleur or the mason, before teleporting you to Neither High nor Low.


  • The music for this level is an upbeat song titled Rushing. It is track #12.
  • When this map is opened in a map editor, a written message can be found outside the bounds of the level. It reads, "ANOTHER ALL-NIGHTER"
  • "Habe quiddam" is Latin for "have some".


Marathon - Level 14: Habe Quiddam

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