This is a terminal located in the game Marathon.


Game: Marathon

Level: Arrival

When  you first enter the maze after the Pattern Buffer follow the passage and take the first right. Turn right just before the elevator is in front of you.  Follow this passage and you will find it ends at a ledge with a barrel in front of you. Stop her and look diagonally to your right. There is another passage here that you can run to without falling. Follow this passageway and jump across the gap. The terminal is in front of you.  Watch out for the compiler that is lurking here.

Terminal Text

U.E.S.C. Marathon
Hangar Area-5 Engineering Access 49-h<294.2.577.456>
<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521->
<Security Breached 49-h<294.2.577.456>->

18RF(kgf42# f#h %34(*,96693 349973@) fkeoocp)
<Spurious Interrupt- Breach Disabled>
<Further Access Denied>
Security Breach at
U.E.S.C. Marathon
Hangar Area-5 Engineering Access 49-h<294.2.577.456>


This terminal text is made of purely hexadecimal numbers. The proximity of a compiler and the mention of an "Unauthorized access-alarm" suggests that this S'pht was accessing the Marathon's computer network. If the hex is converted into an alphanumeric string it spells the word "Rocket". The relevance of this is unknown as is the author, though it would be wise to suspect Durandal, considering, later in the game, it is revealed that he is working with the S'pht.