This article is about the Marathon Story.

The Jjaro[1] were an extremely advanced species—or an extremely advanced individual—which vanished from the Milky Way galaxy millions of years before the battle of Tau Ceti, leaving much of their technology to fall into the hands of the Pfhor. The Jjaro possessed high-quality cyborg technology, such as that used to create the S'pht, as well as a star-destroying weapon known as the trih xeem, the ability to move entire planets by warping space around them as was used by the S'pht'Kr, some sort of time manipulation technology, and the ability to imprison the W'rkncacnter.

Only two individuals (possibly), Yrro and Pthia, are ever named.

According to Durandal, the Nakh were the last extant client race of the Jjaro. They rebelled against the Pfhor 6,000 years before the end of Marathon 2.[2]

List of Jjaro Ships[]