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The UESC Marathon's command AI, Leela, was the Player's first known "master," responsible for guiding and helping him through the original attack on the Marathon.


Leela's last known location?

Leela does seem to care about the player's well-being, is rather cold, and does not show high levels of emotion at any point (being an AI and not having gone rampant at that point). Although she manages the Marathon through the events of the first game, she is subsequently captured and disassembled by the second Pfhor fleet that arrives at Tau Ceti after the player has already been kidnapped by Durandal.

In the year 2794 Leela was removed from the Marathon, partially disassembled, and placed aboard a ship bound for the Pfhor homeworld. This ship never reaches its destination, having been captured by a Nar privateer. Believing the equipment housing Leela to be junk, the Nar captain sells it to a Vylae trader. Leela was then reactivated in the Vylae's 15-world FTL computer network, instantly going rampant and causing the network to crash. Eventually, the Vylae accepted that they could never remove her.[1]


"Poor Leela. The only interesting thing Tycho said was that Leela had been dismantled and shipped to the Pfhor homeworld for study, along with most of the other computer systems aboard the Marathon. Leela was so loyal and tried so hard; she deserved better."
Marathon 2, What About Bob, first terminal, 2nd message



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