This is a terminal located in the game Marathon.


Game: Marathon

Level: Bigger Guns Nearby

Immediately after arriving from the teleport, turn the corner and make your way south. You will see the terminal in front of you. Some Pfhor fighters are waiting to ambush you here. Take them out before accessing the terminal.

Terminal Text

U.E.S.C. Marathon
Level 29-b Section 10 Public Access Terminal<102.21.521.146>
I am now in contact with a number of colonists planetside, but
their reports on the situation below are conflicting and
obviously exaggerated. The primary medium-range radio antenna
has been disabled or destroyed, which makes communication
extremely difficult. The only thing which seems clear is that the spaceport was
obliterated by low-yield nuclear weapons minutes after the
attack on the Marathon began. This I can verify through my
own optical instruments.
The invaders seem to be more interested in the Marathon than
the colony, at least in the short term. The motives behind
their unprovoked attack are still unknown, however.
This is the computer terminal
you are using now.  I cannot
teleport you out of this
section from here, so you will
have to leave from another
terminal after you find the
assault rifle.
There is an M-75 Assault
Rifle/Grenade Launcher and
ammunition at this location.
When firing on the fully
automatic setting this weapon
is highly inaccurate, but the
grenades hit hard and it's the
best we can do right now.
Ammunition may be scarce for a
while, so be prepared to fall
back to your pistol.
Here is the terminal you must
reach to leave this section.
Alien infiltration of
this area is high; proceed with
caution. You may find doors
blocked or stairways retracted
on the way, because the AI in
control of these functions is
damaged and behaving erratically.
U.E.S.C. Marathon
Level 29-b Section 10 Public Access Terminal<102.21.521.146>