Lh'owon is the first chapter in Marathon 2: Durandal. It consists of three levels and serves primarily as an introduction to the game.


"Lh'owon" chapter screen

Lh'owon is the first chapter in Marathon 2: Durandal and reintroduces the player to the core concepts integral to the Marathon series.

The player is transported to the planet Lh'owon by Durandal and sent on information gathering and exploration missions, with the ultimate goal of locating the 11th S'pht clan.


Waterloo Waterpark

  • The player is teleported down to the surface of Lh'owon to a Pfhor water treatment facility by Durandal. Durandal wants to gain access to the Pfhor network and has the player insert two uplink chips.

The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

  • Durandal sends the player to another facility on Lh'owon that's partially submerged. The only objective the player is given is to explore and then leave from the last terminal.

Charon Doesn't Make Change

  • The player is transported to a Pfhor garrison on Lh'owon's surface. Durandal has the player searching for information the Pfhor Science Corp has found on 11th S'pht clan. Once all Pfhor terminals have been read, the player can leave from the first terminal in the level.

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