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Lh'owon is the homeworld of the S'pht, near the galactic core.[1] It was terraformed by the cybernetically enhanced S'pht for the Jjaro, but after Pthia's death, Yrro left and let the S'pht live on the paradise they had created for him.[2] Around the year 1800, the planet was all but destroyed in the war in which the S'pht were enslaved by the Pfhor.[1] By the time Durandal and his S'pht had found Lh'owon, the Pfhor had been there for fifteen years and had set up a command post.[3]

Most of Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity takes place on Lh'owon.

Physical Aspects


Before the arrival of Yrro and Pthia, Lh'owon was a desert. The S'pht later terraformed the planet into "marsh and sea, rivers and forests."[4]

Flora and Fauna

Lh'owon is home to a number of known species, like the S'pht, F'lickta and the Ticks. There are also some unnamed species of yellyfish and lizard.


Lh'owon had three moons once. However the moon K'lia had left Lh'owon long ago. It is unknown whether the moon returned to orbit the planet once it had been summoned back by Thoth. The first moon is revealed to be called T'jia. The second moon is called Y'loa.[5]


Lh'owon was made the home of Yrro, Pthia and their S'pht servants. After Pthia's death, Yrro released the S'pht from servitude.

Not much is known about Lh'owon before the Pfhor invasion, it is only revealed there were several wars between the eleven clans of S'pht. One of which made the S'pht'Kr exit Lh'owon to settle on the moon K'lia. A thousand and one orbits passed until Yrro 'sent the moon onto the stars'.

When the Pfhor arrived the planet was ravaged. It would take a thousand more years before Durandal and The Marine fought to free the S'pht and their planet.





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