The Mother Of All Hunters, often abbreviated as MOAH, is the strongest Hunter in the game, and one of the strongest enemies overall. They were first introduced in M2.

Anatomy and Physiology

The Mother Of All Hunters is a bigger version of the normal Hunter. Having five times more health then a Hunter Major. As with the other hunters, the MOAH has spikes protruding from his helmet, arms covered with some kind of shield, a plasma gun on his shoulder and a triangular-shaped visor. Their armor is colored blue or grey (depending on the level). MOAHs always explode when killed, even with bullets, implying that they are not naturally created but cybernetically enhanced.


Combat Settings

  • Melee attack: none
  • Ranged attack: Hunter bolt; 15 damage + 5 random damage; repetitions: 5; error: 3; range: 12288
  • Shrapnel damage: 140 + 50 random damage

Physical Constants

  • Health: 1500
  • Speed: 34
  • Terminal Velocity: 73
  • Gravity: 8
  • Max ledge jump: 341
  • Min. ledge jump: -1024
  • Visual range: 30720
  • Dark visual range: 4096
  • Intelligence: 8

Behavior Setting

  • Is Alien
  • Cannot skip
  • Uses sniper ledges
  • Enlarged


The best weapon would be the SPNKR because of its high damage and its force. The explosion can be able to launch the MOAH in a damaging substance, but be sure to aim at its feet. The other best weapon is the Zeus Class Fusion Pistol due to the hunter's weakness to fusion-based weaponry. Fighting it with bullets is a lost cause, it takes forever and you will have wasted a lot of your ammo.