Rebellion is the sixth and final chapter in Marathon and consists of three levels.


"Rebellion" chapter screen

This is the final chapter of the game and contains three levels which take place aboard the Marathon. At the beginning of this chapter the player learns the S'pht are now friendly and will attack the Pfhor on sight and Durandal has restarted Leela and she'll be online soon.

The player then proceeds to work with Leela again and stops the last of the Pfhor invasion on the Marathon.

Upon completing this chapter the game will display the Final Screen and display the game's credits.


Welcome to the Revolution...

  • The player is back aboard the Marathon and is informed by Durandal the S'pht will assist the player in fighting the Pfhor and Leela has been restarted and should be online soon.
  • The player's objective is to simply to kill any Pfhor encountered and proceed to the last terminal to teleport out.

Try again

  • Leela is sending terminal messages to the player again. This level's objective is to kill all Pfhor and leave from the last terminal. Leela also informs the player Durandal has left the Marathon's computer net and transferred himself to the Pfhor ship.

Ingue Ferroque

  • At the end of the previous level, Leela explains there is one last major Pfhor incursion that must be stopped. Upon arriving in Ingue Ferroque the player must reach the final terminal to complete the level and the game.
  • The player is contacted by Durandal at the beginning of the level and my Leela at the end.


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