S'pht'Kr is the eighth and final chapter in Durandal and consists of three levels.


"S'pht'Kr" chapter screen

The player's objective is roughly the same in each of the three levels in this chapter: kill all the Pfhor here and find the terminal to exit.

When the player teleports in he's greeted by the sight of the S'pht'Kr engaging the Pfhor forces and BOBs. While the S'pht'Kr will not shoot the player, they will not hesitate to return fire if shot upon.

Durandal is back now too, but does little to explain how he escaped and regained control, after being deactivated and downloaded into a containment unit aboard the Khfiva by Tycho. Durandal also informs the player Robert Blake and his men have captured a Pfhor refueling ship (most likely the Hfarl from Requiem For a Cyborg) and have folded out of the system.

With Durandal and the S'pht'Kr back, the Pfhor have recalled their invasion of Sol and the Western Arm of Battle Group Seven has been annihilated. Tycho's ship has been destroyed upon the surface of Lh'owon's inner moon and Durandal suggests "What rout of the Pfhor would be complete without embarrassing one of their finest armor units?"[1], and with that the player is sent destroy the Juggernauts of the 723rd Aggressor Squadron on All Roads Lead To Sol...

Upon completing All Roads Lead To Sol... the player has completed the game and is presented with the Marathon 2: Durandal Final Screen.


Fatum lustum Stultorum

  • The player is greeted by Durandal proclaiming he's back along with the S'pht'Kr. He also says he's subverted the Pfhor battleship Khfiva. Your only goal in this level is to reach the exit terminal.

Feel the Noise

  • This level is oce again about surviving all the way to the exit terminal. Durandal explains little how he escaped from the confinement unit Tycho put him in onboard the Khfiva, and only says "The answer is simple: Tycho was a fool." and "...that's something I'll have to explain later when we have more time."[2]

All Roads Lead To Sol...

  • With their continued defeats, the Pfhor are retreating but Durandal wants one more victory against the Pfhor, specifically versus the 723rd Aggressor Squadron, an armored air division. Durandal says they've crash landed on the far side of Lh'owon and deployed in an abandoned mining complex.
  • The player's task here is to reach the exit terminal alive. Upon completing this level, the player has completed Marathon 2: Durandal.


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