Shake Before Using... is the twelfth level in Marathon. It is the second and last level of Reprisal, the third chapter of the game.


You have just been teleported here from Bob-B-Q. The first terminal is a corrupted message from Leela, damaged by the S'pht attacks. She tells you that everything is not as it seems and that she has detected another AI in the Engineering Section but, she supplies two names for the AI: Durandal and Tycho. She then says she's trying to transmit maps to guide you, but it's futile.

The second terminal is a message from Durandal, who is no longer being attacked by the S'pht. He gives you five maps, all possible locations of a hidden airlock panel he wants you to find. He finally tells you that the Pfhor are building simulacrums and tells you not to get closer than three meters.

The third and final terminal tells you that security has been breached at your location and continues with a corrupted account of part of the Pfhor attack, which ends with a Spurious Interrupt denying further access.

From here, although the terminal does not say it, you are teleported to Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

List of Terminals

  • Engineering Terminal 39-g<>
  • Science Station 19-f<>
  • Engineering Access 31-d<>


Marathon - Level 11: Shake Before Using...

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