Super Marathon box

Box art of Super Marathon for Bandai's Pippin consoles.

Super Marathon is a CD-ROM-based first-person shooter video game for Apple's short-lived Pippin platform. It was developed by Bungie and distributed by Bandai Digital Entertainment in 1996.[1]


Super Marathon bundles Pippin versions of the first Marathon game and its sequel Marathon 2: Durandal. The player can select which of the two games to play upon launch.[2] The real-time 3D graphics push the capabilities of the Pippin hardware,[3] with the first Marathon producing higher frame rates with the tradeoff of a smaller interface window at a lower resolution setting.[2]

However, the first Marathon is unable to reproduce the music tracks from the original Macintosh release as QuickTime is not included on the CD-ROM;[2] Quicktime 2.0 or 2.1 was required for MIDI support to work correctly in Marathon.[4] Both games also lack the multi-player functionality of their original respective releases.[3]


Bungie West shelf

Copies of Super Marathon and other games at Bungie's west coast office.

Because Bungie went on to develop a sizeable following for its Halo series of games on the Xbox platform, the Pippin @WORLD release of Super Marathon has become a sought-after item for retro game collectors.[5]


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