The TOZT-7 Backpack Napalm Unit is Marathon's flamethrower, and its strength lies in burning organics, particularly large groups of them.

Enemies who are fully armored, such as Hunters and Juggernauts, are completely immune to it's damage.

In the first Marathon, the TOZT-7 could be used to "fly" on low-gravity levels by aiming at the floor and discharging the weapon.

Vacuum and Underwater

The TOZT-7 Backpack Napalm Unit cannot be fired underwater or in vacuum.



"Fueled by a single napalm-75 canister, the Tozt .25 will discharge a stream of fire 20 feet long, continuously for 7 seconds. The Tozt is most effective when used in short controlled bursts."
- from
Marathon manual

"I don't believe it is necessary for me to state the personality disorders evident in an individual who enjoys, or more accurately revels, in spraying their enemies with flaming napalm aerosol."
- from
Marathon 2 manual


  • In the original Marathon manual, the TOZT-7 is referred to as the "Tozt .25 Flame Unit."
  • A flamethrower kill is the best way to hear the infamous flaming BoB death scream.
  • The acronym "TOZT", if read like a word, humorously sounds like "toasty".