The Pfhor is the fifth chapter in Marathon. This is the longest chapter in the game and primary features the player exploring the Pfhor ship.


"The Pfhor" chapter screen

In this chapter the player is repeatedly sent to the Pfhor ship to explore and gather information for Durandal. The player also looks for "a friend" of Durandal: Bernard Strauss, as well as killing the Pfhor Cyborg Controller, which frees the S'pht from the Pfhor.


Pfhor Your Eyes Only...

  • Durandal explained previously in Neither High nor Low the player was being sent to the Pfhor ship. Once the player arrives, the only objective is to explore. After sufficiently exploring, the player needs to stand in-front of a window with the Marathon visible to be teleported out.

No Artificial Colors

  • The player returns to the Marathon and is told by Durandal to gather more ammunition and to search for a "friend" of his, specifically Bernard Strauss. The player must rescue the humans and eliminate any aliens found. In the last terminal, Durandal states he was unable to find Strauss among the humans the player rescues but has seen shuttles with captives aboard heading to the Pfhor ship. The player needs to look for Strauss aboard the Pfhor ship.


  • There are no terminals here and the player's objectives are similar to Pfhor Your Eyes Only...: explore everywhere and find a window facing the Marathon to be teleported out.

Two Times Two Equals...

  • This is another exploration level with no terminals. Presumably the player is still looking for Strauss. As with the other Pfhor levels, the player should explore the level then find a window facing the Marathon to be teleported out.

Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones...

  • The player is back aboard the Marathon and Durandal recommends the player stock up on ammunition and watch out for reprogrammed Marathon Automated Defense Drones (and their grenade launchers). The player should search for all the ammunition they can find here as most Pfhor levels contains little to no ammunition.
  • Durandal also informs the player he's discovered there's a single Pfhor cyborg that controls all of the nearby S'pht and the player is headed to kill this Pfhor.


  • The player is back aboard the Pfhor Ship and must explore everywhere. After completing the exploration objective, the player needs to find a window facing the Marathon to be teleported out.


  • The player is aboard another section of the Pfhor ship and must kill the Pfhor Cyborg Controller in addition to the standard exploration objective. Similar to other Pfhor levels, the player must find a window that faces the Marathon to be teleported out.

Ain't Got Time Pfhor This...

  • This is the last level aboard the Pfhor ship but has the same objectives as previous Pfhor levels: explore everywhere and find a window facing the Marathon to leave.

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