The Rose is the sixth level in Marathon. It is the third level of Counterattack, the second chapter of the game.


You have just been teleported here from Couch Fishing. In the first terminal, Leela tells you that your mission is simply to kill as many Pfhor as possible while keeping as many BOBs alive as possible. There are some Marathon Automated Defense Drone to help you, but she says they may not be of much use. She also points out a Pattern Buffer and the terminal to leave by.

The second terminal tells you that security has been breached at your location, then searches for "war" and gives a result about the Third Martian War. Another search for "MIDA" appears and results in the history of MIDA. Finally the terminal ends with the display of a Spurious Interrupt, denying further access.

The third terminal is a different kind of message. It is all lower-case, missing some punctuation, and is from someone sick of "silly human rules". The message states that the speaker brought the Pfhor to the UESC Marathon, indicating that it could be from Durandal.

The fourth terminal is another message from Leela. Depending on how well you fought the aliens, she tells you that either too many civilians have been killed or that you have done well in defending them. Regardless, she tells you that the Pfhor have been caught off guard by the counterattack, but more ships are boarding the Marathon.

From the last terminal you are teleported to Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken!


  • The name is a play on words, considering the fact that the last area resembles a Rose, and the main hallway's called "The Stem".

List of Terminals

  • Private Access Terminal 23-f<339.92.69.48>
  • Public Access Terminal 23-f<432.82.38.198>
  • Public Access Terminal 30-g<>
  • Public Access Terminal 8-f<>


Marathon - Level 5: The Rose

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