This article is about the Marathon Story.

A chronology of events related to Pathways Into Darkness, Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity.

Date Day Time Source Event
c.-6.4E07 PiD Unnamed 'god' crashes on the Yucatán Peninsula in southeastern Mexico.
 ???? M2 Jjaro disappear from the Milky Way Galaxy - "millions of years ago."
-3189 M2 The Nakh revolt against the Pfhor.
-490 M Battle of Marathon. Greeks defeat the Persians.
811 M2 S'pht'Mnr attack S'pht'Kr. S'bhuth sends emissaries to the other clans. S'pht'Kr exodus to K'lia.
1811 M2 K'lia folds out of the Lh'owon system. Pfhor attack Lh'owon and enslave the ten remaining S'pht clans. A rogue star begins to pass through the Milky Way Galaxy.
c. 1930 PiD Strange rumors of an ancient pyramid - neither Aztec or Mayan - in the trackless jungles of the Yucatán Peninsula begin to circulate in the archaeological community.
1938 PiD German soldiers lead by Muller enter the pyramid.
c. 1978 PiD Spanish speaking treasure hunters enter the pyramid.
1994 05/05 15:00 PiD Hologram of Jjaro diplomat 'Ryu'Toth' appears before President Clinton and five senior military staff warning of unnamed awakening 'god' beneath a strange pyramid on the Yucatán Peninsula.
1994 05/08 02:00 PiD Special Forces team dropped over the Yucatán. Sgt. Eddings' primary parachute fails to open, but the reserve chute opens moments before he crashes through the forest canopy.
1994 05/08 04:00 PiD Sgt. Eddings awakes after the fall, unharmed except for a few bruises. Although most of his equipment is damaged or missing, he heads for the pyramid.
1994 05/08 06:13 PiD Sgt. Eddings enters the pyramid.
1994 05/13 06:13 PiD Dreaming God scheduled to awaken. It is Friday the 13th.
1996 11/05 PiD The Jjaro arrive on Earth to take more permanent measures against the buried stunned Dreaming God.
c. 2070 M Rampancy first appears on the Earth-net.
2194 M+LNP War between the Independent Asteroid Government of Icarus and its neighbor, the Republic of Thermopylae on the asteroid of Onicis 492. Dead soldiers recycled as battleroids. Battleroids get onto both asteroids and kill almost everyone.
2206 M Crash of Traxus IV. Complete shutdown of Martian Planetary Net.
2208 M Damage to the Martian network caused by Traxus IV finally rooted out.
2214 M United Interplanetary League sets up rules for the appropriate use and storage of Battleroids.
2216 M Repercussions of the Crash of Traxus IV still being seen.
2310 M CRIST (Cargo and Resources In-System Transports) Sol orbiter construction ceases.
c. 2319 M Teleporters begin to be used in Sol system.
2320 M James B. Miller publishes his work 'Life and Death of Intelligence'.
2395 LNP Purchase of Deimos from free holders by UESG.
2402 03/23 16:42 M+LNP Marathon Doors Manual written up.
2405 LNP Marathon Project begins pre-construction phase.
2408 LNP Deimos conversion begins.
2442 01/06 M+LNP Misriah Massacre - Three United Earth Government riot troopers open fire on defenseless rioters at the Misriah food distribution center. Over five hundred starving Martians incinerated.
2442 LNP Third Martian War begins.
2444 07/14 M2 Ares Raid - Imperialist forces clash with inserectionists.
2445 M+LNP Third Martian War ends after four years of fighting.
2465 LNP Martians place munitions on board the Marathon.
2466 M+LNP Failed Martian Coup, MIDA controls government for three short months.
2472 M+LNP Marathon completed sixty four years after conversion begins.
2472 11/15 M+LNP Pre-Launch dedication by the President of the Unified Earth Space Council (UESC), Marcus Tiberius Buendia. Bernhard Strauss enters in his log that ten Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborgs were on board the Marathon.
2472 11/16 LNP Launch of Marathon.
2611 M2 Tycho accuses Durandal of being too sarcastic. Durandal stops speaking to Tycho.
2617 M2 Durandal resumes speaking to Tycho.
2772 M+LNP Bernhard Strauss awakes after 300 years in stasis.
2773 LNP Marathon arrives at Tau Ceti.
2787 LNP Colony on Tau Ceti established.
2791 M Chockisens harass work teams on the fringe of the colony.
2791 M2 Nar attempt to retake Epsilon Euobea from the Pfhor.
2794 07/25 M+LNP Marathon attacked by Pfhor.
2794 10/25 M2 Pfhor arrive at Tau Ceti. Colony destroyed. Tycho falls in with the Pfhor and Leela is captured. Nine Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborgs destroyed.
2795 M2 Tycho arrives at the Pfhor homeworld.
c. 2797 M2 Pfhor begin to arrive at Lh'owon.
2801 M2 Tycho leaves Pfhor homeworld.
2801 09/14 06:01 LNP Volker Von Müller forced to update Durandal's history files.
c. 2803 M2 Pfhor begin sending their worst officers to Lh'owon.
c. 2806 M2 Pfhor Battle Group Three (Central Arm) arrives at Lh'owon.
2811 M2 Durandal arrives at Lh'owon.
c. 2861 M2 Tycho clones help the Pfhor delay their defeat to around this date (over fifty years after the liberation of the S'pht).
2881 M2 Pfhor system sacked by the combined fleets of Earth and the S'pht'Kr.
2886 07/26 M+LNP Leela's light-speed warning message scheduled to reach Earth.
12811 M2 Durandal returns to Earth in a Jjaro dreadnought he calls Manus Celer Dei.
1.52E10 M Durandal's estimate for the closing of the universe.