Vacuum Bobs, also called Fusion Bobs and abbreviated to VacBobs, are specialized BOBs wearing vacuum-enabled armor and armed with a Fusion pistol. They were first introduced in Marathon Infinity.


VacBobs are similar in shape to normal BOBs, the major difference is their heavy vacuum armor, which is similar to that of the Marine. VacBobs also shout different lines then normal BOBs, having a more filtered voice. They appear to have big, black gloves for protection while using the fusion pistol. When soft-killed they bleed out and fall to the ground. But when hard-killed with explosives their armor violently explodes, demolishing the BOB wearing it and leaving only his feet bloodied on the ground. There are three types of Vacuum Bob: Fusion Crew (wearing green armor), Fusion Science (blue) and Fusion Security (red).


A Vacuum Bob fires fusion bolts which deal moderate amounts of damage. They don't have much more health then regular Bobs though, so they can still die easily. After targeting an enemy they stay in one place and shoot that enemy. VacBobs are also not always on you side in the event of Infinity. They are still easily capable of blocking your path and irritating you with friendly fire, though, like regular BOBs.

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