Volunteers is the second chapter in Marathon 2: Durandal and consists of the three levels.


"Volunteers" chapter screen

This chapter primarily has the player performing different tasks for Durandal in order to prepare a headquarters for all the humans currently aboard his ship.

The player is first sent to destroy the main Pfhor geothermal power station on Lh'owon, then to disable the automatic defenses surrounding the fort Durandal wants to capture. Finally, the player has to prepare a landing station for heavy machinery to be sent in by shuttle.


What About Bob?

  • Durandal sends the player and a group of BOBs down to the main Pfhor power station on Lh'owon. The player is tasked with destroying the safeties to drain the lava into the basement area.

Come and Take your Medicine

  • Durandal has decided to establish a headquarters for the humans aboard his ship and it will be located in a fort near the S'pht Citadel of Antiquity. The player is sent down to disable the automatic defenses of their future headquarters.

We're Everywhere

  • Durandal has sent down the humans aboard his ship to capture the command center but they've run into heavy resistance from the Pfhor. The player is sent down to open a pair of huge external doors so that heavy machinery can be landed by shuttle.

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