Wasps are large flying insects that moving quickly but have relatively low health. They can only be found in Marathon.


Marathon Wasp

Wasp sprites from Marathon

Wasps are a species of large flying insects which appear to used to distract, confuse and injure any human who offer resistance.

Wasps can be heard from their distinctive sound of their wings flapping and the high-pitched squeak they make upon activating.

To deal damage, Wasps attack frequently by spitting a corrosive compound. While an individual Wasp does have low health, they often fought in packs of two to four and their damage can quickly add up. It is not clear whether they are merely pests that infest Pfhor ships or are controlled by the Pfhor.

The Wasp first appears in the level Never Burn Money.


  • It is unclear if Bungie based the drones from the Halo series on the Wasp.
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