An assortment of weapons from the Marathon Trilogy


There are a total of 9 Weapons in the Marathon Trilogy, each with its own unique functions. Some can be dual-wielded, and others have secondary trigger functions. Each available weapon has its own inherent characteristics that affect its use, such as ready and reload time, accuracy, clip size, where it can be used, ability to trigger switches, and rarity.

Reference Table

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Weapon First Used Dual-Wield? In liquid? In Vacuum? Primary Trigger Secondary Trigger
Fists M1 In M2/MI Yes Yes Punch 2nd Punch (M2/MI)
Magnum Mega Class Pistol M1 Yes No Yes Pistol shot 2nd Pistol shot (if equipped)
Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher M1 No No No Assault Rifle shot Grenades
Zeus Class Fusion Pistol M1 No Damages you Yes Energy bolt Overload energy bolt
SPNKR SSM Launcher M1 No No No Rocket --
TOZT-7 Backpack Napalm Unit M1 No No No Flamer --
WSTE-M5 Combat Shotgun M2 Yes No Yes Shotgun (x2) 2nd Shotgun (x2, if equipped)
KKV-7 10mm SMG Flechette MI No Yes Yes Flechette shot (x2) --
Alien Weapon M1 No No Yes Single shot Alternating angled shots (M2/MI)

Amunition and Reloading

Each weapon uses a different type of ammunition, and clip size and capacity varies per weapon. Additional ammunition appears as an item (sometimes static, sometimes teleported in), and is picked up automatically by running over it.

When a clip has expired, a weapon is reloaded automatically if more ammunition is available. Partially-used clips cannot be ejected, and thus all ammo must be used before a fresh clip will load. Interrupting the reloading process to switch to another weapon is possible, but the entire sequence will need to be repeated later after reselecting the empty gun.

If no more ammunition is available for a weapon, it becomes unavailable (unless it has a secondary firing mode with separate ammunition remaining, such as the assault rifle). Emptied weapons that do not use ammunition (such as the alien weapon) become unavailable until a completely new weapon is obtained.

Other Weapons

  • Ceramic Combat Knife - Seen in some early Marathon betas
  • TOOL Mark IV Pistol - Early pistol, seen in Marathon Zero
  • SPNKR-25 Auto Cannon - Forerunner of rocket launcher, also seen in Marathon Zero
  • Wave Motion Cannon - A long-rumored weapon of great power; has since been used in other games as a tribute
  • M1A2 .75 BR - A weapon mentioned in the description of the flechette gun; a "mighty" battle rifle apparently possessed of armor-piercing capabilities rivaled by the SMG -- but not a weapon actually seen in the Marathon Trilogy.