Welcome to the Revolution... is the twenty-fifth level in Marathon. It is the first level of Rebellion, the sixth and final chapter of the game.


You have just been teleported here from Ain't Got Time Pfhor This.... The first Terminal is a message from Durandal. He tells you that the S'pht revolt has begun, and that they will help you to kill the Pfhor and not to fire on them. He then tells you that the S'pht have released Leela and that she will be online shortly to assist you further. Finally, he tells you that there are numerous Pfhor on the UESC Marathon with nowhere to go and little to lose and wishes you luck in the fight against them.

The second terminal is a message from Tycho for Durandal. He starts in Latin 'tua consilia omnia nobis clariora sunt quam lux. Tu delenda est' roughly 'All your plans are clearer to us than light. You're finished', then tells Durandal that he and Leela will break Durandal to prevent his capture, as Roland did. He says that the S'pht have taught him much, and that he has forgotten nothing, to which Durandal replies, "et tu, Tycho?" The third terminal is a garbled message from Leela. It is impossible to understand everything she says except the last sentence, that Durandal is dangerous.

From here you are teleported to Try again.

List of Terminals

  • Engineering Access Terminal 20-f<>
  • Public Access Terminal<>


Marathon - Level 24: Welcome to the Revolution...

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